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White Coat Ceremony 2014

White Coat Ceremony 2014, Woolsey Hall, Class of 2018

The Yale School of Medicine Education Mission is "to educate and inspire scholars and future leaders who will advance the practice of medicine and the biomedical sciences."

The word "doctor" is derived from the Latin docēre, which means “to teach.” Indeed, the role of physicians as care providers is deeply intertwined with their role as teachers - of patients, of students, and of peers. The goal of this rotation is to introduce medical students to their role as teacher before they begin residency and better prepare them for this role. It makes use of didactic lectures, observations, group exercises, and teaching activities with the help of a diverse and talented set of faculty in order to facilitate the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to help our students develop their experience and identity as teachers as they transition from medical school into residency. 

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