The Incorporation of Critical Thinking into Medical Education

Winner: Innovation in Education

Amanda King, Fred Gorelick, George Lister 


Simulation of Neurological Emergencies for Milestones-Based Learning And Assessment

Winner: Innovation in Education

Catilin Loomis, Kimberly Robeson, Daniel DiCapua, Kelly Dodge, Leigh Evans, Tiffany Moadel, Luis Cruz, Jeremy Moeller


A Study of Resident Teachers for Quality Improvement Curriculum

Winner: Innovation in Education

Thilan P. Wijesekera,  Robert L. Fogerty


Palliative Care Teaching in the Yale Internal Medicine Curriculum: How Are We Doing?

Winner: Innovation in Education Research

Ashwini C. Bapat, Matthew Ellman, Kristen Rake, Laura J. Morrison


A New Competency-based Instrument To Assess Residents' Self-efficacy And Knowledge In Palliative Care

Winner: Innovation in Education Research

Kristen Rake, Laura Morrison, John Encandela, Tracy Addy


Improving Efficiency of a Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team

Honorable Mention

April Alfano, Jason Malia, Denine Baxter, Liz Bartone, Kristen Clark, John Giulano


Predictors of Professionalism Issues in Physician Associate Students

Honorable Mention

David Brissette, Elizabeth Roessler, Alexandria Garino